Digital Voice Command (DVC)

Digital Voice Command (DVC) is the heart of a full featured multi-channel audio command center providing voice evacuation for Emergency Communications

Digtial Voice Command (DVC) is the heart of an integrated, full-featured Audio Command Center. DVC combines the capabilities of a powerful digital audio processor, an event driven audio message generator, and a router. Designed for use with Digital Audio Loop (DAL) devices such as DAA2 series digital amplifiers, each DVC supports a dedicated audio network with up to eight channels of audio and control and supervision for up to 32 DAL devices.

DVC may be networked with AFP-2800 or Onyx AFP-3030 Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACP) via NOTI•FIRE•NET or integrated as part of an overall mass notification system via an ONYXWorks workstation.


  • 8 Channel Digital Audio to play the right message to the right occupants at the right time with distortion free audio
  • Noti-Fire-Net allows the system to be configured to meet current ECS/MNS and be expanded to meet any future ECS/MNS needs
  • Shares Noti-Fire-Net infrastructure for combined Fire and Mass Notification making it perfect for MNS upgrade to Notifier networks
  • Third party audio integration to play background music when not performing event notification or integrate PBX paging systems
  • Multi-media support allowing the preferred media (wire, single mode fibre, multi-mode fibre) to be used for each digital audio loop segment-Testing


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  • DVC-EM: Digital Voice Command extended memory - wire
  • DVC-KD: Keyboard display to suit DVC
  • MIC-1: Panel Paging microphone, includes metalwork