Warden Intercommunication Phone handset

Warden Intercom Phones (WIP) are designed for communication between the Floor Wardens and the Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System panel. When taken from the cradle the WIP automatically rings the EWIS panel. When the EWIS panel calls the WIP phone, the call tone sounds from the speaker in the body. When the handset is lifted, it automatically switches from the speaker in the body to the speaker in the handset and a communication link is made to the EWIS panel.

  • Separate speaker for call tone
  • Includes wall mounting bracket
  • Simple two wire connection
  • Compatible with I-2000 EWIS Systems


Created: Wednesday, 10 June 2020 15:39
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WIP: Warden Intercom Phone Handset to suit I-2000

  • Certified as complying with AS/ACIF S004.
  • WIP phone for intercommunication system for emergency purposes to AS2220.1 at both the C.I.E. and the WIP locations if installed to AS 1670.4