FlashScan Loop Powered AV base devices

Notifier's range of intelligent, Flashscan, loop powered, AV base devices are high quality, feature packed loop powered devices designed to alert building occupants of an emergency. Notifier’s intelligent AV devices are intended to be connected to Notifier Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Systems. These devices receive their power from the loop, and can be controlled via the Notifier communication protocol.

The range includes sounders, beacons and sounder beacons. For easy installation, the Notifier AV devices fit into the B501AUS base and installed in the same manner as an intelligent fire detector. The sounders have two volume levels (high and low) and 4 tone types. The strobes have two flash patterns (Evacuate and Alert). When triggered by the fire panel the powerful sounders and intense strobes give a visual, an audible or a visual and audible warning. The choice of output levels and tones make these devices suitable for a wide variety of applications.


  • Flashscan protocol (CLIP for backward compatibility)
  • Powered from panel via SLC
  • Fits to B501AUS-IV plug in base for easy installation
  • Single installation point by fitting detector directly to sounder/strobe base
  • Low current draw enables more devices on loop
  • Synchronisation of sounder and beacon
  • Anti-tamper feature
  • Simple familiar rotary wheels for easy addressing
  • 4 Tone and 2 volume selections for sounders
  • 2 flash pattern selections for strobes
  • Excellent sound output
  • The alarm light can be tested on field
  • Compatible with Onyx AFP-3030 and AFP-2800

Created: Friday, 24 April 2020 15:05
Version: 3.3
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FS-BSO: Flashscan Addressable Detector Base Sounder - off white

FS-BSS: Flashscan Addressable Detector Base Sounder and Strobe (Detector Base Sounder colour - off white / Strobe colour – red)

B501AUS-IV: Universal addressable detector base, off-white

  • AS ISO 7240.3:2014 for Sounders