Li-Ion Tamer Gen 3

Li-ion Tamer GEN 3 Lithium Ion Battery Off-Gas Detection System

The Li-ion Tamer GEN 3 system reliably detects the early signs of lithium-ion battery failures (battery electrolyte vapours – off gas detection) allowing facility managers to respond to impending battery thermal runaway events much earlier than other protection systems. Early notification and mitigation of fire risks in lithium-ion battery storage environments not only will protect assets but also maintain operational functions (business continuity).


  • Early warning of lithium-ion battery failures and prevention of thermal runaway
  • Battery cell failure detection without mechanical or electrical contact to the cells
  • Independent and redundant perspective on battery safety
  • Compatible with all lithium-ion battery form factors and chemistries
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring at each sensing node
  • Scalable deployment for cost effective protection of wide range of battery storage system installations
  • Easy installation and system configuration via interface software that reduce setup costs
  • Calibration-free sensors and extended product lifetime that reduce cost of ownership
  • Communication protocols including relays and Modbus outputs


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