LDN Series

Harsh area linear heat detection cable

System Sensor LDN Series digital linear heat detection cables are designed to trigger a response when the specific temperature is reached. If the temperature surrounding the cable reaches the activation temperature the heat sensitive polymer insulation melts and the two cores quickly come into contact and trigger an alarm via either an Intelligent Monitor Module or Conventional Zone. 

Designed with a Nylon outer coating to provide chemical resistance for harsher environments LDN Linear heat detection cable behaves like LD series where the entire length of the Linear Heat cable acts as the sensor providing extensive and comprehensive detection over large areas and in structures where other types of detection are not possible. 

System Sensor LDN Series is flexible and simple to install, allowing it to be easily installed along conveyor belts, in cable trays or wrapped around fan motors.  

This type of detection is widely used in industrial, petrochemical, power generation, cold storgae and warehousing applications. 

  • Continuous sensitivity along the length of cable
  • Easy to install, test and splice
  • Available in 68, 78, 88 and 105 degrees Celsius 

Created: Wednesday, 10 June 2020 13:49
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SS-LDN-68-155-x*:Linear Heat Cable 68 deg, roll of x*m 68°C (155°F) Alarm Temperature

SS-LDN-78-172-x*:Linear Heat Cable 76 deg, roll of x*m 78°C (172°F) Alarm Temperature

SS-LDN-88-190-x*:Linear Heat Cable 88 deg, roll of x*m 88°C (190°F) Alarm Temperature

SS-LDN-105-220-x*:Linear Heat Cable 105 deg, roll of x*m 105°C (220°F) Alarm Temperature

* NOTE: x= Roll length in metres. Length options available: 100m, 200m, 500m, 1000m.

  • UL/FM
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE marked