BATT Series

Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries

BATT Series Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries are recommended to provide secondary power or backup power for all NOTIFIER fire alarm control equipment.


    • Provide secondary power for control panels.
    • Sealed and maintenance-free.
    • Overcharge protected.
    • Easy handling with leakproof construction.
    • Ruggedly constructed, high-impact case (ABS, polystyrene, or polypropylene, depending on models).
    • Long service life.
    • Compact design.
    • Certified to AS1603.4


Ordering Information

FG-65-001: BATT/1.3 – 1.3AH battery (97mm L x 43mm W x 58mm H)
FG-65-002: BATT/7 – 7AH battery (151mm L x 65mm W x 101mm H)
FG-65-003: BATT/12 – 12AH battery (151mm L x 95mm W x 101mm H)
FG-65-004: BATT/18 – 18AH battery (181mm L x 77mm W x 167mm H):
FG-65-005: BATT/26 – 26AH battery (175mm L x 166mm W x 125mm H)
FG-65-006: BATT/33 – 33AH battery (195mm L x 130mm W x 180mm H) 
FG-65-007: BATT/40 – 40AH battery (197mm L x 165mm W x 175mm H) 
FG-65-008: BATT/85 – 85AH battery (305mm L x 168mm W x 210mm H) 
FG-65-009: BATT/100 – 100AH battery (330mm L x 172mm W x 221mm H) 
FG-65-010: BATT/150 – 150AH battery (485mm L x 172mm W x 240mm H)

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