Apotential issue when ABS plastic solid Tees are bonded to ASD PVC pipe using traditional PVC solvent (cement).

Solvents are formulated for the type of plastic used to manufacture the pipe, therefore using a PVC solvent to bond PVC pipe and ABS plastic solid Tees may not create a reliable seal, the problem is amplified in refrigerated applications where the colder temperatures are present.

Recommendations for this type of bonding are to:

  1. Utilise a mechanical seal in the form of rubber coupling or gland, or
  2. Use solvent specifically formulated to bond ABS plastic with PVC plastic, such as Oatey ABS To PVC Transition Green Cement, however this solvent has recommended application temperatures between 4°C to 43°C.

PB14-011 (ABS Solid T to PVC Bonding)